Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare


Problem: Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare had a long unused commercial kitchen with a loan condition requiring it continue to be used as a kitchen. At the same time, Cascadia needed employment opportunities for the thousands of unemployed individuals with Mental Illness.

Solution: Branding it the Wellspring Kitchen, $800,000 in foundation funding was used to upgrade the kitchen to full scale. A business model was designed to generate healthy meals for low-income residents in subsidized housing and at the same time train individuals with Mental Illness for culinary jobs in the food service industry.

Results: The unused kitchen was put into service producing up to 500 meals per day in addition to providing quality catering services, generating earned income for operations. The skill training program received funding support from public stakeholders resulting in community based job placements for previously unemployed individuals.

Problem: Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare had thousands of individuals with Mental Illness who wanted to work, but very limited resources to impact the problems. In addition, many individuals were limited to being able to work only part-time hours to avoid losing long term social security medical supports.

Solution: Cascadia created Wellspring Services to create financially self-supporting enterprises to generate employment opportunities. A janitorial business was grown out of a small 15 person existing operation using some existing expertise to grow the business which could provide real flexibility in hours employed.

Result: Wellspring Services Janitorial grew to provide flexible employment for 250 individuals, while generating $2.5 million dollars in annual revenue to help support other Cascadia services.