Our Approach

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Our proven formula for Social Enterprise success involves:

1Opportunity Assessment

We use a stakeholder and market focused vetting system to determine feasibility. During this step we identify a client organization’s core competencies that can be used to build on and we include a review of these strengths in the assessment process.

2Market Analysis

We look for existing enterprises and programs, as well as niche opportunities for growth in the market. Often our client organizations have undervalued Social Enterprises within that, with added attention can take off and expand. We provide an objective appraisal to determine whether such efforts should be continued and, if not, we will develop sound exit strategies that account for stakeholder sensitivities and community needs and perceptions.

3Business Plan Development

Once it has been determined that a venture has a good chance of success, we help ensure that success by developing a detailed business plan to guide, sustain and expand the new or existing venture. A well-developed business plan is a critical document to support raising capital, as well as to provide a road map to help guide you in managing the enterprise.

4Project Support and Implementation

With the business plan in place, we will help launch and operate the enterprise through the crucial start-up phase. We are dedicated to the work we produce and committed to putting in the necessary effort for a successful launch. During this phase we will establish systems and protocols to allow for a smooth transition to full management of the enterprise by our clients.

5Capital Development

We assist our clients in identifying public and private funding sources and soliciting the resources needed to get the Social Enterprise off the ground. We also provide support and training for best methods for “boot strap” start ups using existing resources within client organizations.

6Forming Partnerships

To help ensure ongoing success, we will help you to foster and establish strategic and operational partnerships with the business community and government to achieve enterprise and organizational goals and mission.


We provide appraisal services of existing employment and training programs to recommend quality improvements and job placement goals for clients.


We provide skill training, job development and sales strategies that will result in improved job matches with existing internal enterprises and external job placements with the employer community.